Cop Shares Umbrella With Stray Dogs During Heavy Rainstorm

Kolkata, India, has been battered by severe rains over the last two days, leaving people and animals scrambling to find a place to shelter. Because of this, Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal decided to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Last Saturday, Mandal was keeping a close eye on traffic at a major seven-way intersection when he was joined by a surprise visitor. After seeing him standing in the middle of the street, two drenched stray dogs came running over.


The police officer was kind enough to shelter the two dogs under his umbrella while he continued to control traffic.

People all over the world were moved to tears after a snapshot of the tiny act of compassion was shared on social media by a bystander. The dogs’ expressions say it all:


As one of the world’s largest dog populations, India has a long way to go to rescue these strays with an estimated 35 to 40 million of them roaming the streets. Although they can’t always save every dog in need, the Kolkata police do their best to provide a safe haven for those that are abandoned.

The reprieve meant the world to the two thankful street dogs.


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