Circus elephant captive for 53 years finally reunites with her ‘sisters’

This is the emotional moment when a rescued elephant is reunited with her best friends. For nearly 50 years, three elephants have been forced to perform in front of spectators in an Indian circus. Fortunately, all of that agony came to an end, and the magnificent creature was ultimately saved. However, when two of them were evacuated to a wildlife sanctuary, the third was left behind. The moment she is reunited with her’sisters!’ is captured on camera.

Wildlife SOS

Mia, Sita, and Rhea were given a second chance after a lifetime of suffering thanks to the dedicated individuals of Wildlife SOS — a UK-based rescue and wildlife conservation company. The three elephants had been chained for more than 50 years as part of a circus and have finally been given the opportunity to walk freely. However, rescuing them was not an easy task. It took months and a lot of effort for the volunteers to bring the three’sisters’ to the shelter. But, while Mia and Site arrived at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center together, Rhea was forced to remain behind, unsure if she would ever see them again.

Wildlife SOS

“Leaving Rhea behind shattered our hearts,” the group wrote. “But we always knew we’d come back for her, and fight with all our might to see that she was released as well!”

Fortunately, Wildlife SOS’s efforts eventually paid off, and Rhea was reunited with her companions after being separated for months. The three elephants — ages 45 to 53 – have bonded during their many years of suffering, and the kinship they share is beyond our comprehension.

Wildlife SOS

Rhea was finally reunited with her’sisters’ after a 1,750-mile journey that took nearly five days. The reunion of the three old friends was too magnificent to behold, and it reduced everyone to tears.

“It was amazing to see natural elephant behavior and hear the elephants’ vocalizations as they greeted each other,” said Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder of Wildlife SOS. “It was impossible not to feel honored to be a part of this reunion.” It was overwhelming to know that we had reunited these gentle giants as a family.”

Wildlife SOS

Mia, Sita, and Rhea now have the opportunity to live a free and happy life, and perhaps most importantly, they will never be separated again!

Check out their reunion here!


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