Chronically Ill Woman Falls in Love with a Rescue Dog Who Transforms Her Life

Courtney has been battling her illness since high school. She lives with fifteen chronic illnesses, a range of autoimmune disorders and other conditions that are difficult to manage.

Because of her condition, she has to spend most of her time at home. It is for this reason, as well as her love for animals, that she decided to start fostering shelter animals six years ago.

Courtney via The Dodo

In spite of fostering hundreds of animals over the years, she never adopted one. That was, at least, until Indigo arrived in her life.

Courtney via The Dodo

Although Indigo looked perfectly healthy, the vet quickly discovered that she had a heart murmur, which needed to be monitored and treated. As someone who had struggled with a range of illnesses for years, Courtney felt an immediate connection to Indigo and wanted to help her. It was the fact that they’d both struggled with illnesses that initially bonded them.

Courtney via The Dodo

But the shelter where Indigo came from recommended that she be put to sleep.

As you might imagine, Courtney point blank refused. She showed them videos of Indigo living a happy life with her, and she was committed to doing everything in her power to give the dog the best possible life, in spite of her heart condition.

Courtney via The Dodo

Indigo has given Courtney a new purpose in life and has helped her manage her own illnesses better. She has committed herself to giving animals in need the best chance in life, and Courtney is proof of how deep a bond can develop between humans and their animals.

To keep up with Courtney’s adventures and to see more from the animals that come into her care, you can follow her on Instagram.

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