Chihuahua Spent 9 Years In Puppy Mill, Responds to His Very Own Dog Bed

Consider spending your first nine years of existence in a puppy mill, living inside a wire kennel. This is what Freddie, a senior Chihuahua, had to go through until the wonderful people at National Mill Dog Rescue stepped in. This small dog was not only saved, but he also got to check out his very first dog bed. Is he going to enjoy it? What would his reaction be? Theresa Spader, the rescuer, was about to find out.

chi one

Despite everything, this small dog’s soul remained unbroken, and he eagerly received Theresa’s nice words and snuggles. She is seen embracing and caressing Freddie, as well as kissing him on the cheek. Her next move is to show Freddie his new bed.

chi two

She gently places him in the lovely bed, and Freddie is at a loss for words. He walks around a little, buries his snout in it, and sure enough, he nestles into the ideal location.

chi three

Freddie’s sweet reaction shows that he is enamored with his new doggy bed. According to the video update, Freddie has also found his permanent home, where he will receive love, care, and all of the comforts he has been missing.


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