Brave Pigs Team Up To Take On A Bear Who Climbed Into Their Pen

Rebecca Shaw’s life was transformed a little over a year ago. Hamlet and Mary, her two pet pigs, were acquired at that time and now reside with her in Connecticut.

Shaw told The Dodo, “I’ve been in love with them ever since.” “They’re fantastic,”

The true brilliance of Hamlet and Mary, however, was revealed in a recent occurrence.


One day, while Hamlet and Mary were relaxing in their enclosure, an unwelcome guest strolled up. Despite his size, the bear was more than happy to let everyone know he was there.

Bears aren’t known for their fearlessness, so the bear climbed over the fence and into the pen to see what was going on. He was incorrect.

Hamlet and Mary teamed up to get rid of the bear as soon as they saw it.

This is a video of that moment:

The bear definitely wasn’t expecting things to turn out this way. Mary fought back bravely after being pounced on. Then Hamlet intervened to permanently drive the bear away. Surprisingly, neither was injured in the scuffle.

Shaw has always adored her pigs, but after seeing video of their bravery, she can’t help but love them even more.

Shaw expressed his gratitude that no one was hurt, saying, “It might have been a lot worse.” “Mary is typically in charge of protecting Hamlet, but I’m so proud of him because he demonstrated that he can be brave when he needed to be. It means the world to me that they’ve done so well.”


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