Brave Cat Steps In Like A Boss When He Sees A Dog Bullying His Brother

Butter is a nice, friendly cat with a bubbly attitude. Butter is typically laid-back and easy-going.

But he’s not the type to back down from a bully.


Butter was relaxing in front of the house the other day as owner Pedro Teles’ father took their family dog, Mochi, out to do his business. It had been a calm morning, but it didn’t last long.

Suddenly, another man and his dog appeared, causing a small commotion.

“[The man’s] dog became aware of Mochi and began barking,” Teles told The Dodo. “I’m sure my cat saw this and feared something was wrong.”

Mochi was terrified, though the other dog may have simply wanted to play. Butter, on the other hand, was not taking any chances.

Here’s what happened next:

Butter had misjudged the situation. Perhaps. Fortunately, the bully dog was not harmed. He’d only recently been put in his place. Even his owner thought the swat was justified.

“My father apologized,” Teles explained. “The man wasn’t upset, but rather astonished and taken aback by what Butter did.”

Butter had demonstrated his bravery. And it was all for the benefit of Mochi.


“My father claims that as soon as they returned inside, Mochi began wagging his tail. Mochi, I believe, respects what Butter did there, “Teles stated. “Butter was rewarded for his bravery with sweets right away.”

h/t: The DoDo


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