Bold Little Bird Caught Stealing Fur Straight From A Sleepy Fox

We can easily believe that this small bird would do everything in her power to stay away from foxes.

Yet comfort clearly outweighs any potential danger.

Texas Backyard Wildlife recently posted a video of a black-crested titmouse and a snoozing fox in an unusual encounter. The fox appears to be upset by the constant jostling of the brave bird, which lands on him several times a day.

Exactly what does the titmouse do? Texas Backyard Wildlife says she’s come to snatch some of the fox’s fur:

Despite the bird’s interruptions, the fox soon decided to try to sleep. In the end, she received exactly what she had hoped to obtain.

“She began to remove the fox’s fur as soon as she realized the fox wasn’t going to harm her.” Writing for Texas Backyard Wildlife. “We were awestruck.”

Upon realizing that the fox was not trying to kill her, she began to pick out the fox’s fur! Texas Backyard Wildlife wrote “Incredibly, we were awestruck.”


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