Blue parrot known from the movie ‘Rio’ is now officially extinct

According to a new analysis by BirdLife International, at least eight bird species have gone extinct in recent years. This includes the famous blue parrot from the film “Rio.”

When Blu, the movie’s star parrot, flies from the United States to Brazil in search of Jewel, the species’ lone remaining female, the parrots fight for their lives. In the happily ever after scenario, the two meet, fall in love, and eventually have a child. Unfortunately, Spix’s Macaw parrots did not survive in real life.

Even though most bird extinctions have taken place on isolated islands, the analysis finds that the most recent ones occurred in South America. Deforestation in many areas has had a devastating effect. The Red List of Endangered Species estimates that since the year 1500, 187 bird species have gone extinct around the globe. Deforestation and the introduction of alien species are among the leading causes of this rapid loss, according to an organization in Cambridge, UK.

Many animals have been forced to adapt or become extinct as a result of the rapid expansion of metropolitan areas and the effects of global warming.

As for the bright blue parrots, they are now gone in the wild. However, some specimens are kept in captivity for their own safety.


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