Baby Girl Befriends Giant Dog Who Loves Her Like Big Brother

This is the story of a wonderful couple, Abby and Cliff, who just performed a kind deed by rescuing a puppy who was living in neglect. Wally, as he was later christened, was a Tibetan Mastiff that was discovered by a tourist couple on their way to the Great Wall of China.

Giant dog

As they approached, they noticed a sickly dog in the cage. He was completely surrounded by snow, with no access to any form of liquid. He was supposedly a guard dog who was neglected. It was clear that Cliff and Abby were going to adopt the baby when they saw each other’s faces.

They persuaded the owners to let him go and took him to the vet right away. “Bunny’s Buddies,” a non-profit organization that assists people in adopting abandoned animals from Asia, was contacted by the couple.

Baby girl and giant dog

Wally’s fur was so matted that a veterinarian had to shave him. Reuniting with his family, he flew to the United States immediately. It was clear that he had never felt this level of relaxation before. He sat on the plush bed and carpet, refusing to leave his comfortable position. For the most part, Wally was a happy dog who enjoyed spending time with his father.

Because he was found at the Great Wall of China, the couple dubbed him “Wally.” A gorgeous full-grown Tibetan Mastiff with beautiful brown fluffy hair emerged from the dog’s transformation. When he was adopted, the dog was roughly 75 pounds, but now he stands at 135 pounds tall.

Baby girl and giant dog

This silly and amusing puppy made everyone in the household grin all the time. Abby soon discovered she was pregnant. So when they brought their young daughter, Annika, home, the intelligent dog recognized that she was a new part of the family and that he needed to look after her.

Wally had the demeanor of a guard dog. Annika regarded him as a big brother figure who was always there for her. Her excitement grew every time Wally climbed out of bed in the morning. It wasn’t uncommon for her to jump on top of him, creep up to his chest, and even feed him. Wally and Annika were inseparable childhood pals.


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