Baby Deer Asks to Be Rescued

Monika received a call one day from a group of people looking for advice. They were in the woods and they noticed that a baby deer was stranded in the water and was in desperate need of help.

Monika via The Dodo

After rescuing the deer from the water, Monika advised them to leave it close to the site of the rescue and the mother would return and take her away.

But after hours out in the woods, the mother failed to show up. This time, the baby returned to the site where she could hear the people, and once again looked to them for help.

The baby was so tiny and tired that she could barely walk. As she staggered up to the people, they knew that they needed to do something to save the baby deer’s life.

Monika via The Dodo

That’s when they took the deer to Monika at Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary where they thought she had the best chance at recovery. Monika and the team then ensured the deer was hydrated by feeding her milk and set about looking after her.

Right away, it was clear to the team that the deer was over the moon to have been rescued. The volunteers at the center decided to call her Ivy, and began nursing her back to health.

Monika via The Dodo

Not long after welcoming Ivy into the center, Monika received another call that a young buck had been found, and they immediately put him in with Ivy to make them both feel more comfortable.

Thanks to the love and care of Monika and the team, both babies were able to make a full recovery and went on to grow into perfectly healthy juveniles. That’s when Monika knew it was time to release the deer back into the wild and allow them to get on with living their lives.

Monika via The Dodo

Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary is a not for profit organization and their life-saving work helps animals most in need. If you’re in a position to be able to support their work, please give generously by visiting their website.

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