An Abandoned Dog Giving Birth Was Rescued By Heart-Warming Hikers

When Thom and his friends were hiking, they heard a dog down by the creek. They realized that there was a mama dog that was giving birth to tiny puppies.

Thom via The Dodo

She was completely exhausted and malnourished. They decided to foster the mama and her three babies without a second thought.

Thom via The Dodo

Thom named her Ruby and her initial reaction made him confused. Although Thom was not sure if she trusted him yet, it was clear that she was an incredible mom.

Thom via The Dodo

The puppies were so playful that he bought them a lot of toys. They really had a great time together. And Ruby especially came out of her shell and always wanted to be by his side.

Thom via The Dodo

All three puppies found their forever home and were totally happy with their new family. For Ruby, she didn’t have to go anywhere because she was already in her forever home. She was officially adopted by her foster human.

Thom via The Dodo

Thanks to these heart-warming guys, they saved and gave these poor dogs another chance of life, and this is yet another animal rescue story with a happy ending.

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