Amazon Delivery Driver Rescues Cat Tossed Out of Car Window in Iowa

The vehicle pulled over to assist the cat and took her to a nearby pet store.

Amazon Delivery Driver Rescues Cat Tossed Out of Car Window in Iowa

On Wednesday in Des Moines, Iowa, an Amazon delivery driver raced to the aid of a cat after an unknown someone flung the critter out of a car window in front of his truck.

The driver, who has not been identified, watched the cat being “hurled out the window of the car just before of him. So he came to a halt, pulled over, and knelt down, and she approached him” Lori Sandahl, owner of Iowa Pet Foods and Seascapes, told KCCI.

The motorist transported the cat to Iowa Pet Foods and Seascapes, where she is now doing “great,” according to Sandahl.

“She is just brimming with vitality,” she told the site. “Purring from the time she walked through the front door, letting her know she’s in a secure place.”

According to the pet store owner, the feline is house trained and in good health.

“She’s in good shape,” Sandahl told KCCI. “She ate, she purred, and she’s healthy.”

“She’s definitely been handled a lot. The way she is caressing and loving on me, “She continued. “There is no hostility or anything.”

It’s unknown why the cat was thrown out of the car, but Sandahl intends to find a new home for the feline after a veterinarian checkup and quarantine period.

“She’s ready for lap and snuggle time,” Sandahl explained.

This is not the first time an Amazon delivery driver has aided a helpless animal.

One of the company’s drivers saved an elderly dog from drowning in a backyard pool in Woburn, Massachusetts, in 2020.

After noticing a 14-year-old pup named Luka fighting to remain afloat in the deep end of the pool, John Cassabria “jumped into the pool with everything on” to save him.

“I was only thinking about the dog at the time,” he told WBZ-TV at the time.

“I just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” he explained. “If I had to, I’d do the same thing over and over.”

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