Alan Is A Dog With A Crooked Face Who Has Become Very Popular On The Internet Thanks To His Funny And Curious Videos

A puppy adopted from an animal shelter has garnered popularity on TiK Tok after his father began sharing humorous videos of the cute, crooked-faced canine in an effort to silence his detractors.

Alan, an offspring of a Saluki and a Boxer, is one year old and has an unusual appearance due to a severe facial malformation. As a result of the deformity that causes his nose to twist and tilt to the right, his lower teeth are always visible.

Despite his physical restrictions, his father has become an Internet star because to the widespread sharing of films and photographs on social media.


The video depicts the energetic puppy eating a wonderful treat off the kitchen counter while sitting on the couch with his father. At home, when he is playing with his family and foster siblings, he enjoys bouncing about the room.


The dog had a terrible beginning, but he now enjoys life tremendously with Johanna, her husband Dan, and their daughter Darcy, as well as other rescued animals.

Alan and his mother, father, and seven siblings were discovered living on the streets of Doha, Qatar, when he was just two months old. Ten months ago, she met him in a rescue center, and when he was brought there, she decided to stay with him.


Johanna, according to the Daily Mail, stated:

“I knew I would adopt Alan as soon as I saw his crooked face. I was immediately so captivated that I could not turn around.”

The woman was completely taken with Alan’s crooked face, but she soon learned that not everyone shared her sentiments. Then, she decided to utilize her Tik Tok account to display her inner and outer attractiveness.

Alan’s family intends to demonstrate to people that Alan is content and lives a life similar to that of any other dog. Alan’s videos depicting him having the fun of his life have propelled him to internet fame, garnering over 144,000 followers and over a million likes.

Johanna is motivated by Alan’s accomplishment and feels the puppy’s Tik Tok will encourage others to adopt dogs with unique needs.


As Johanna said:

“Alan’s appearance has elicited numerous harsh comments from others. There is no way for him to undergo surgery and restore his face, despite claims from others that they will offer funding.

In truth, the woman brought Alan to the veterinarian so that he could be evaluated for possible surgery and to prevent probable respiratory problems. But after a comprehensive check, it was determined that he was completely healthy and had no issues.



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