After Buying Them At A Local Market, A Man Releases Two Turtles Into The Sea

When Arron Culling saw two sea turtles for sale at a local market in Papua New Guinea, he knew they’d be bought and devoured.

That’s when he paid $50 for them, but not for their dinner. Instead, Arron and his friend Mark launched an impromptu rescue mission, which they documented on Facebook.

“Found these at the local market for $50, went 5 kilometers up the road, and let them go,” Arron wrote on Facebook.

He lifted the turtles from his vehicle and carried them down to the beach, where they were released back into the water.

The turtle pair are “numbers 9/10 that me and mark have bought and let go,” according to Arron.

Six of the seven sea turtle species are classed as endangered or vulnerable. Fishing turtles, on the other hand, is lawful in many nations.

Through their caring deeds, Arron and Mark are contributing to the conservation of sea turtles.


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