After Being Rescued From Freezing Lake, Kangaroo Shakes Hands With His Rescuer

Kangaroo got caught in freezing water lake in Australia, and two people came to its rescue. When the two men cautiously approached the kangaroo, he was shaking and terrified.

The poor kangaroo was still uneasy and fearful as one of the men approached him. Another man then cautiously arrived to help take him out of the water.

See the rescue in the video below:

Fortunately, the men were able to pull the kangaroo from the frigid pool, saving the poor defenseless creature from certain death. As a gesture of gratitude, the endearing creature extended his hand to one of his rescuers.

The video went viral on social media, and hundreds of people expressed their gratitude to these heroes for risking their lives to save this cute kangaroo.


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