Adorable Puppy Was Abandoned Outside a Supermarket Car Park

Adorable Puppy Was A.ban.doned Outside a Supermarket Car Park

In a supermarket car park in Greece, everything seemed perfectly normal. However, in the bushes was left a cardboard box. And inside the box was an adorable white puppy, out for he.lp.

Takis Shelter via The Dodo

While shoppers continued with their business, one man took it upon himself to investigate the disturbing, and did something about it.

He approached the box and picked the helpless pup up, and immediately took her into his car. As soon as he saw her, he knew he needed to take her home and give him a new chance in life.

Takis Shelter via The Dodo

The little pup quickly made a new friend at his rescuers home, as she was introduced to her rescuers other dog. In the video, it’s so heart-warming to see the puppy’s reaction to her new surroundings as she realizes that he has been rescued.

Takis Shelter via The Dodo

The puppy was rescued by Taki’s shelter, a one-man operation that ensures no dog is left behind. The adorable puppy that was saved from the supermarket car park found her forever home with a huge family of other dogs.

Thanks to the loving kindness and willingness of one man to give dogs another chance in life, this pup has a bright and hopeful future. As we’re sure you will agree, the selfless work of Taki’s shelter is something that can inspire us all, and we’re so grateful to see so many wagging tails in the video!

Takis Shelter via The Dodo

But as a small operation, Taki’s shelter relies totally on the generous donation of well-wishers. So, if you’ve been inspired by this story and feel like you can contribute to the rescue of other dogs in the future, you can support Taki’s shelter via PayPal.

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