Abandoned pit bull now lives her best life with the firefighters who rescued found her in a snowstorm

Ashley’s previous owners hardly fed her, rarely took her outside, and eventually abandoned her.

Thankfully, Erica Mahnken, cofounder of No More Pain Rescue, and her fiance Michael Favor were able to rescue the 1-year-old pit dog in January 2017.

Ashley shortly after being rescued | ERICA MAHNKEN

“We received a phone call from someone reporting the presence of a couple in an abandoned house. They lacked heat and power, and they were accompanied by a dog “Mahnken explained shortly after the rescue to The Dodo.

The pair presumably fled when a snowfall arrived. “I’m guessing they went looking for a warm place to stay and left the dog behind,” Mahnken explained. “So as soon as we received the phone call, we dashed to her rescue.”

Favor compelled Mahnken to remain in the car while he went inside to look for the dog. He’d subsequently inform Mahnken of the severity of the situation. “The house was without electricity – it was frigid,” Mahnken explained. “She is without food and water. The house was a complete mess. The windows were shattered, and feces was strewn about.”

However, Ashley was unhurt, and she appeared to be the happiest dog as Favor walked her out.

“She came sprinting down, beaming with joy,” Mahnken explained. “She leaped into my car.”

Ashley was emaciated and frail. “All that was visible were her ribs – she was that frail. Additionally, the veterinarian stated that she was 25 pounds underweight.”

Additionally, they observed Ashley had cigarette burns on the crown of her head.


Because No More Pain Rescue does not have a physical shelter, Mahnken and Favor needed to place Ashley in a foster family right away. They knew there used to be a dog at the Fort Pitt station because they had pals in the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). So Mahnken and Favor requested if the firefighters could keep Ashley until they could find her a suitable home.

Ashley seems to be quite content with this arrangement.


“As soon as she entered the firehouse, her tail began to wag, and she began kissing and welcoming everyone,” Mahnken explained. “She was overjoyed. You wouldn’t anticipate that considering her origins. You’d think she’d be a little nervous, but she wasn’t.”


Not surprisingly, the firefighting team contacted Mahnken a few days later to request Ashley’s retention.


“‘We’re going to adopt her,’ they stated. We adore her. She is at ease in this location,’ “Mahnken explained. “Thus, I was overjoyed. And as soon as I walked her in, I knew she belonged there.”


Ashley now works full-time at the firehouse.


“She’s constantly on the move – she joins them on minor runs and rides in the fire truck,” Mahnken explained. “They walk her approximately 30 times daily. They invite her to play on the roof. She is frequently in the kitchen, observing them while they eat. She has an infinite supply of sweets. She is living the high life over there.”


According to Mahnken, Ashley even has a seat in the fire engine.


“I’m very relieved that we were able to place her in a home that will show her nothing but love and will not rapidly turn her into the pit bull that people despise,” Mahnken said. “It was an incredible sensation to know that she belonged there.”

Ashley is still enjoying her life at the firehouse four years later – and the fire guys adore her.


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