A man spots two frozen puppies in a box and rushes to save their lives

People can be very rude. ty has no limitations. Some very insane individuals attempted the unthinkable this time around. In the middle of an empty lot, they put two helpless puppies in a box.

In the end, the contents of the box were discovered thanks to the curiosity of a pedestrian. The two helpless pups were nearly frozen to death, to his despair.

They were both unconscious when the type guy discovered there was a chance they could be revived. Due to time constraints, he rushed them to the closest animal shelter.

Poorly cared for puppies were found in the litter. But the KC Pet Project workers were ready to go above and beyond their ability to save many of the small animals. They’re the ones to thank.

“We have a lot of reasons to be happy today.” On Facebook, the KC Pet Project posted, “We’re grateful to the person who found this box in an abandoned lot with two puppies and brought them to the shelter for care.” As soon as they arrived, they were taken to our veterinary clinic because they were unconscious.

“Freezing and very dehydrated, we’re grateful for our veterinary team’s hours of work warming these puppies’ delicate bodies back to normal levels,” they add. “We are grateful to the member of the canine care team who took them home for overnight observation and continued to care for them.”

The puppies were able to survive because of the hard work of the crew.

This morning, “we’re relieved to announce that they survived and that they will need to eat and relax.” Donations to our Roadrunner Medical Fund let us to offer treatment for puppies like these at KC Pet Project, and we are grateful for every one of them.

Once they have been stabilized, they will be placed with a family to receive rehabilitation until they are suitable for adoption.

Now that they’re feeling better, they choose hearty meals and snacks like gruel.

According to KC Pet Project, “it’s safe to say they had a nice time.”. As a matter of fact, they wore it.

Because the puppies are so young, several of us who came across this news showed an interest in adopting them, but adoption is not possible until they are 8 weeks old.


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