A couple is taken aback after buying a baby kitten and it grows into the world’s longest cat

Omar, the cat owned by Australian Stephy Hirst, has always been described as a big fella, but even she was taken aback when Guinness Book of World Records called her to tell her that he might be the world’s longest feline. As the Hirst put it, “At first I thought ‘is this real?'” Despite the fact that “we felt he might be (the world’s longest cat), but we hadn’t done anything about it because he might not be completely matured yet,”

“(Omar) was very small when we first received him, but he quickly grew to a weight of 22 pounds at the age of one.” Hirst decided to weigh and measure Omar recently, and the results showed him to be 3.93 feet tall and weighing 30.86 pounds. It had previously been held by Maine Coon Ludo, a 3.88-foot-tall man who lives in the United Kingdom.

Soon after his photo was posted to the Cats Of Instagram, Omar gained notoriety. When it comes to his daily schedule, which involves getting up at 5 AM, eating his breakfast, resting outside on the trampoline and tucking into raw kangaroo meat for dinner, it’s all the same to him:

In order to accommodate his insistence on being cuddled and petted at all hours of the night, “he sleeps on the couch. Hello, giant cat! Hirst says her husband has always wanted one, and now they appear to have one.


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