74-year-old woman fights off the alligator in order to save her golden retriever

When it comes to their beloved pets, many individuals are willing to put themselves in harm’s way. Every so often, we hear about pet owners risking their personal safety to save the lives of their furry friends (and pets do the same for their owners).

One elderly woman, 74, fought off an alligator to preserve her beloved golden dog from being devoured by the creature.

Suzan Marciano, a Boca Raton, Florida, woman, was walking her dog Nalu near a lake on the evening of August 24, according to the Palm Beach Post.

After a game of fetch, the golden retriever and its handler were soaking up the sun by the lake. Suzan, on the other hand, recounts how her “heart plummeted” when she noticed a dark area in the water sneaking up on her dog.

It was a six-foot-long alligator, and in a second, it had Nalu in its jaws.

It didn’t take long for the elderly woman to take action and release her dog from its leash. “I merely did what I could. According to her account in the Palm Beach Post, “I came down on the alligator with all my weight.

When Nalu was freed from the gator’s grasp, it turned its attention to Suzan, biting her hand. “It was all just a big blur” she said. I couldn’t believe it. As she recalls, “I didn’t feel a thing.”

Even though Suzan and Nalu made it through the event alive, their injuries necessitated hospitalization. Suzan had five stitches placed in her hand, while Nalu had a two-hour surgery to repair wounds on her stomach and thigh.

After the incident, Suzan claims she was terrified to return to the park for weeks because “I kept seeing the shadow with two eyes looking up from the water,” she recalls. I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” she tells the Palm Beach Post.

Alligators were not found in the lake when the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission investigated in reaction to the event, according to the New York Times. Alligator hazards are “proactively addressed” by the program, according to a spokeswoman.

It was a terrifying occurrence. We’re delighted Suzan and Nalu made it out of the adventure alive despite their injuries and suffering. In the face of danger, pet parents’ bravery is on display.


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